In honor of Record Store Day

As with my first post, this one is going to be focused on music.  You're going to find that a lot on this blog, because it's about me and my identity - along with writer and various other things - is music nerd to a degree that embarrasses her friends.  As discussed in the first post, I can't separate the two in my head.  They're kind of the mischievous twins who rule my life.

Today, as some of you may know, is Record Store Day.  This is an international event aimed at celebrating independent record stores and reminding people what awesome resources they are.  Many bands are offering exclusive, special RSD releases, so check out and find your nearest participating store.  Me, I'll be heading down to mine soon in the hopes of snagging the new Panda Bear (otherwise known as Noah Lennox) on vinyl, crossing my fingers that it's as amazingly good as his last, Person Pitch.

On that note, I'm going to share one of the "mood music" playlists I put on when I'm trying to evoke a specific mood or tone from a scene.  I have many of them, and as long as it doesn't make readers throw whatever the web equivalent of rotten tomatoes is at my blog, I'll share them with some degree of regularity. 

And because I'm excited about the new Panda Bear, I'm sharing one he makes a few appearances on - as a solo artist, a guest vocalist, and with his main group, the incredible Animal Collective.

This is a playlist for characters sitting on a beach on a summer night, swinging on the swings in the park at 3 am, floating in dreams, or not hurrying that walk in the rain - at least, that's what it does for me.  Your mileage may vary, but hopefully the trip will go somewhere fun.

  • Atlas Sound - Walkabout (ft. Noah Lennox)
  • Animal Collective - What Would I Want? Sky
  • Neon Indian - Psychic Chasms
  • Delorean - Simple Graces
  • Caribou - Odessa
  • Beach House - Take Care
  • Cut Copy - Hearts on Fire
  • Panda Bear - Take Pills
  • Avey Tare - Lucky 1
  • The Faint - Fish in a Womb
  • Phantogram - Running from the Cops


    jennifermbarry said...

    I was entirely unaware of Record Store Day, which really is a travesty. My husband knew all about it and chose NOT to tell me on purpose. He figures he saved himself hundreds of dollars that would have been spent on music. He's probably right... I'll eventually get that music, though. It may not happen all in one day, as it could have on Record Store Day, but it will happen!

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