The hodge-podge post

Life has been crazy recently, and the past week has been a contender for the craziest week ever--in the best way possible.  I'm not quite ready to share my news, but I'm feeling bloggy so I thought I'd put a little something up here.  I was actually planning to do a "week in pictures" thing and scour the net for randomly hilarious gifs, but I'm navigating my trackpad with a finger that took a paintball to the knuckle a few hours ago, so I'm going for minimal effort here.

Instead, I will say my week went roughly like this, and 90% of it is book-related:


And that brings us to today, where as you read above, I injured myself in a way only I could manage.  Outside of a dance floor, graceful, I am not.  Accident prone, I absolutely am.   If I based a character on myself and documented examples of my own actual klutziness, no one would believe it.

Add in the beginnings of the plot for my next book, general awesomeness at seeing some old friends, and a trip to my favorite restaurant anywhere in the world, and it's been a really great week. 

Since I should talk a little about actual writing and stuff here, I'll say that lots of things are brewing in my head--new projects, old projects, and peripheral projects to the manuscript I've just completed.  I'm excited about writing in a whole new way now, and that's saying something considering how I attacked the creation of my MS with all guns firing.  (Literally, when it comes to the end.)  More than ever, I'm looking forward to doing this forever.  There's a quote I've had reason to share this week (which in fact I misattributed, so I will correct that here.)

Writing is the only thing that, when I do it, I don't feel I should be doing something else. ~Gloria Steinem
If you feel like that, keep writing.  It's the reason we can't stop, and I know so many of us feel this way.  Write everything you can think of.  Carry a pen everywhere.  Keep a notebook by your bed and don't make the mistake I do of not being able to read the completely illegible scrawls the next morning.

So, that's kind of what's been going on with me--short on the details, I know, but stay tuned for BIG news on Monday. 


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