Old news can still be good news

Yes, this is an old thing I'm linking to (old in the web-sense, which means it's from last year) but it's interesting and music-related and actually something I thought about a lot while writing Weird Novel, though nothing like it was ever included.

Two notes on this:  1, if you aren't familiar with The Apples in Stereo, check them out.  2, if you've never heard of one, a theremin is an instrument you play without touching it - and that's pretty cool in and of itself.

Mind-Controlled Theremin

If that's just a little too weird for you, or maybe you want something more physical and less mental, Imogen Heap recently invented these: Hi-Tech Musical Gloves and I'd give an eyeball for a pair.  Not mine, but, you know, someone's. ;)


Ang said...

The theremin has always been oddly intriguing to me. I never quite know what to think when i hear them, musch less watch someone play! So crazy.

I'll check this article out when i am at home, not slaving away for corporate America.

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