Music Mondays #3

Back again!  This will be a regular thing now, since I don't plan on having surgery again anytime soon.

The previous ones have been of the indie rock persuasion, mostly, so something a little different--and heavier!--today.  I love this stuff, probably for the reason detailed in Saturday's post.  If weird electro-industrial/EBM/Darkwave aren't your thing (read: if you have no idea what at least two of those things mean) please feel free to back slowly away from the crazy writer-lady.

Spark - Assemblage 23
K√ľnstliche Welten - Wolfsheim
Light - KMFDM
Kiss - London After Midnight
Call the Ships to Port - Covenant
Panzermensch - And One
Standing - VNV Nation
Poltergeist - Hocico
Mindphaser - Front Line Assembly
Sin - Nine Inch Nails


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