Query contest: UPDATE!

Brooks and I are blown away by how quickly the 15 filled up, and the quality of the entries.  This is so cool.


We're upping the number of entries to 25.  I think there are 16 right now, so there's time for a bunch of you to get yours in before Friday.  There will still be only one winner of the full, detailed query critique, but some of you are going to get honorable mentions and such.  More details on that after the contest closes.

Keep writing!



Laurie Muench said...

It was so entertaining writing through the eyes of my antagonist. I'm now contemplating a future project...bwahahaha

The REALLY Real Curious Crow said...

I'm easily amused, I'll admit, but I'm totally fascinated by the way 100 words looks so different with each entry (not the writing part of the total, but the layout part of it).

With that bit sharing, I should probably stop procrastinating and actually do some writing! ;)

Emma Trevayne said...

@Laurie: So glad it was fun for you!

@Curious Crow: It *does* look so different, doesn't it? I'll be counting all the entries later just to check them.

And there are no limits to my procrastination abilities, so I totally understand. :)

courtneysloanwrites said...

I have to admit, I loved this exercise so much that I made a post about it on my writing blog and have added a section in my prewriting character sheets to do this for each of my main characters. Thank you so much for the idea and for this exciting opportunity.

The REALLY Real Curious Crow said...

Oh goodness. I've been absolutely fine up until this point, but now I'm wondering (and stressing) over word count. Are you counting the 100 by hand, or are you plugging entries into Word and using the word count feature? I used the Word feature all throughout writing my entry and re-checking it, and it said 100 (still does). *BUT* I just counted manually, and I hit 102 that way! :/

No matter what, I had fun.

courtneysloanwrites said...

@ Curious Crow, scared me. I'd only used the Word word count feature as well. Luckily mine worked both ways, but there goes technology messing up again. I hope your entry counts. I enjoyed reading it. Good luck.

The REALLY Real Curious Crow said...

Aw, thank you courtneysloanwrites :) I blame "scarf-and-barf Janey"! It's all her fault (with the hyphens). Now I've got something in common with my antagonist. lol Glad you're good to go, no matter what. Good luck!

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